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Pity Post

It’s an established fact in our house that I am not the puker. Husband went through a phase while we were dating where every time I was dressed up so we could go someplace fancy, he would get sick and end up puking somewhere. I am not the puker. Yesterday, though, I was. Which just … Continue reading

Things I Care Deeply About (Right Now)

1.  My hair.  After a very stressful few weeks where I wasn’t sure whether Fetusaurus was still in there, or if he/she was packing his/her bags and about to move out into the Great Hereafter, I got good news at our OB appointment.  We saw a heartbeat, saw his/her gigantic noggin, and were told that … Continue reading

Reading Your Way to Neuroses

As a reader (and a former English teacher) myself, I fully intend to have the house stocked with books.  I want bookshelves crammed with them, piles of them on the floor.  Growing up, my kids will know that reading is something that we do.  I want them to love reading, and understand the joy of … Continue reading