Posted in November 2012

Trick or Treat, Part II

At my October 30th appointment, it was determined that my body was doing absolutely nothing to get Fetusaurus out.  At five days past due, my OB wanted to get a move on before the baby got any bigger.  Husband and I checked into the hospital where they were going to do Cervadil overnight, and start … Continue reading

Trick or Treat, Part I

We knew by the time that we hit October 25th (my original due date) that my OB would not let me go past 41 weeks.  If I did not go into labor on my own, we were getting checked into the hospital on the night of October 30th.  I was pretty disappointed that I hadn’t … Continue reading

Overdue and Overlarge

So my due date came and went with absolutely zero excitement.   I mean nothing.  Not a twinge, not a cramp, not a spasm.  Fetusaurus was camped out happily and was not interested in moving.  In the past 4 weeks, I had dialated to 1 centimeter.  We went in for an ultrasound to make sure that … Continue reading