This is how you know things have gone downhill.

Last night I went with my friend Tara (of the Houston Chronicle’s Mad About Town fame) to an installment of the Mommie series (  I was promised enlightening speakers and snacks, both of which I love.  The event delivered: the speakers were charismatic and funny, the snacks were delicious, and the location was great.

I realized, though, as soon as I got there, that it was lucky I’d managed to put on some makeup and earrings.  This event was in the swanky River Oaks neighborhood of Houston, where people dress to be seen.  There were people there who I was 95% sure had never had a baby, or if they had, were able to hook some Hollywood trainer into whipping their postpartum bods back into shape.  Their dresses and shoes were clearly more pricey than anything I had on my body.  I wasn’t uncomfortable, and I didn’t feel awkward, because I wasn’t egregiously underdressed.  I also generally feel that I can hang with people from a variety of incomes and style sensibilities.  I had changed out of my sweatpants, which is a feat some days.  The combination of unemployment and pregnancy and pregnancy-induced hypothyroidism will do that to a girl.  However, a comment from Husband before leaving that evening definitely made me evaluate how far I’ve fallen from my usual beauty routine.

He came home as I was putting my finishing touches on my outfit and makeup, and this is what he said.

“Why are you brushing your teeth?  Where are you going?”



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