Fetusaurus Kicks?

I’ve had two experiences today that I think might be Fetusaurus kicking around. Once was in the perinatal office this morning, and it felt for a split second like I was on a roller coaster, like my stomach dropped out from under me. Immediately after, they called me in for my blood draw, and so I didn’t think anything of it until I was back in the car. I wrote it off since my OB told me it wouldn’t be unusual to feel nothing until week 20.

Then, just now as I was watching The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon was speaking in Klingon, I felt a tiny bubble pop on the right side of my stomach. Just a teeny pop, and I barely felt it, but it was definitely unlike anything I’ve felt before.

I’m picturing Fetusaurus with a teeny kickboard paddling around in what I discovered today is a liquid largely composed of his/her urine. Surfs up, little guy/gal!


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