Things I No Longer Care About

1.  Wheat bread.  It has been years since I have willfully purchased and eaten white bread.  It’s been wheat or whole grain for me, but Fetusaurus wants white bread.  Today I had–I kid you not–a white hot dog bun that I pulled into two halves, smooshed with my hand, and spread with cream cheese.  WTF. 

2.  Wearing makeup.  I wear makeup once a week, tops.  Part of this is because my face has been exploding with zits since getting knocked up, and I’m reluctant to slather anything on it that will make it worse.  Part of this is because I have morphed into this ridiculously lazy person.  In related news…

3.  Changing out of my pajamas.  I am working from home right now.  Add that to the fact that I’m exhausted all of the time, and you have me in sweat pants all the livelong day.  It has gotten so bad that when we get invited by friends to do things, I am always tempted to send Husband on alone so that I can spend more time in my pajamas.  This is terrible.

4.  Cooking.  I.  Love.  Cooking.  I love it.  I am obsessed with recipes and the Food Network (despite the ridiculousness that it is turning into).  I start planning dinner as soon as I wake up.  I love experimenting with ingredients.  But since Fetusaurus moved in to the Uterus Motel, I have had absolutely no desire to cook anything.  Part of this is because I have a limited number of foods that I feel like I can stomach.  Part of this is because I know that even if I make something that I think I want, by the time it’s done cooking I won’t want it anymore.  This leaves Husband to feebly fend for himself in the kitchen, poor guy.  In related news…

5.  Making this blog anything other than a baby blog right now.  Someday, someday hopefully soon, I won’t be as single-minded, and will be able to post things that are non-baby-related, like stuff I make and stuff I like.  Until then, it’s all Fetusaurus, all the time.


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