Things I Care Deeply About (Right Now)

1.  My hair.  After a very stressful few weeks where I wasn’t sure whether Fetusaurus was still in there, or if he/she was packing his/her bags and about to move out into the Great Hereafter, I got good news at our OB appointment.  We saw a heartbeat, saw his/her gigantic noggin, and were told that Fetusaurus is measuring right on schedule (naturally, because he/she is an exceptional fetus).  Due to this good news, which left me a little teary, I felt a little selfish being almost giddy when the OB told me that recent research had revealed that it is okay for me to color my hair during pregnancy, and okay for me to use my regular acne products.  Yes, Fetusaurus is okay and still with us, and also, I can continue on with my regularly scheduled vanity.  I am going to be a terrible mother.

2.  Oysters.  I watch Food Network like some people watch…porn, I guess.  For a few weeks, I couldn’t, because everything sort of disgusted me, but now that (I think, I hope) I’m coming out on the other side of this nausea, it all looks good.  Let’s be clear: I still don’t want to cook any of it.  If I tried to cook it, at some point during the process I would grow tired of it and it would gross me out again.  But what I really want is to go to a restaurant right now and get some grilled oysters.  On a show yesterday, they showed oysters being grilled in the shell with garlic butter and cheese, and it sounded like the best possible thing.  Then today, Paula Deen made fried oysters, and I swooned again. 

3.  Trying to fake myself out with drinks.  I am not (much of) an alcoholic, but I already miss wine, and I know I’m going to miss cold mixed drinks and beers during the hot summer months.  My pregnancy brain has, unfortunately, failed me, and I spent an embarrassing amount of time the other evening wishing they made nonalcoholic wine before I realized that they do, and it’s grape juice.  I am not above making nonalcoholic drinks and sipping them out of wine and martini glasses. 

The way this pregnancy is going, I’m assuming this list will be completely different next week.  But right now, we have: my own vanity, food, and alcohol.  Awesome.


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