Posted in April 2012

NT Scan Discoveries

Today we had our NT scan for Fetusaurus, where they measure the skin flap at the back of his/her neck and draw blood to check for chromosomal issues. We didn’t learn a whole lot on that front, but we DID learn a few things. 1. When awoken, Fetusaurus is not happy, and begins to flail … Continue reading

Things I Care Deeply About (Right Now)

1.  My hair.  After a very stressful few weeks where I wasn’t sure whether Fetusaurus was still in there, or if he/she was packing his/her bags and about to move out into the Great Hereafter, I got good news at our OB appointment.  We saw a heartbeat, saw his/her gigantic noggin, and were told that … Continue reading

Things I No Longer Care About

1.  Wheat bread.  It has been years since I have willfully purchased and eaten white bread.  It’s been wheat or whole grain for me, but Fetusaurus wants white bread.  Today I had–I kid you not–a white hot dog bun that I pulled into two halves, smooshed with my hand, and spread with cream cheese.  WTF.  … Continue reading