Hypothyroidism and Other Misbehaviors

I hadn’t intended for this to become exclusively a pregnancy blog, but as of right now, that’s all I’ve got on the brain.  If Fetusaurus would just settle down and behave, I would have other things to talk about.  As it is, he/she is giving me diseases and attempting to break out of my uterus.

The OB’s office called yesterday with results from my bloodwork.  Good news: I don’t have the syph or the HIV or the hep.  Bad news: I do have hypothyroidism.  To be fair, it runs in my family.  But it never showed up until Fetusaurus did, so I’m choosing to blame this one on him/her.  Add that to the little scare I had yesterday (I won’t get into details, but it involved a semi-hysterical call back to the OB’s office), and Fetusaurus is already keeping me on my toes.

I don’t even want to know what he/she will be like as a teenager.  Double grounded.


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