Posted in March 2012

Panic and Bad Mothering

I haven’t posted very much lately because I was in the throes of a 4-week panic attack.  In the three weeks after my first official appointment where I saw the little yolk sac that was Fetusaurus on the monitor, my cervix or some such nonsense down there went into full-scale rebellion, bleeding gently and spotting … Continue reading

Reading Your Way to Neuroses

As a reader (and a former English teacher) myself, I fully intend to have the house stocked with books.  I want bookshelves crammed with them, piles of them on the floor.  Growing up, my kids will know that reading is something that we do.  I want them to love reading, and understand the joy of … Continue reading

Hypothyroidism and Other Misbehaviors

I hadn’t intended for this to become exclusively a pregnancy blog, but as of right now, that’s all I’ve got on the brain.  If Fetusaurus would just settle down and behave, I would have other things to talk about.  As it is, he/she is giving me diseases and attempting to break out of my uterus. … Continue reading

Feeding the Fetusaurus

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not one to miss a meal.  In fact, if I miss a scheduled mealtime, I go into something of a downward spiral.  If I could eat all of the time and not gain a pound, I would be a happy camper.  So when my OB … Continue reading

Confusion and Baby Supplies, Part II

As I’ve said before, I’m sure that once Fetusaurus comes into the world, we will be proud owners of many things that our carefree, childless selves would never have dreamed of.  We will be lugging around bags and carts full of nonsensical supplies that Laura Ingalls Wilder’s parents most assuredly did not haul around the plains as … Continue reading

Stupid Pregnancy Questions, Part I

Since I’m not telling anyone I’m pregnant yet, outside of a few family members and co-conspirators (and if you’re my friend and somehow stumbled on this blog, shhhh, pretend you don’t know), I have been going on’s message boards for help and guidance.  I’m new to this whole knocked-up thing, so I’m sure that … Continue reading


Dragged Fetusaurus to our first check-in today, and got to see him/her live and in-person.  Or, rather, blurry and blobbish.  Takes after his/her mommy: Obviously, at 6 weeks, some-odd days, we can’t tell very much about Fetusaurus yet, other than that he/she’s hanging in there, and Mommy can’t take cold medicine.  We can’t tell whether … Continue reading