The First Tri-assic

I have gone from the Great Barren Period to the First Tri-assic in one short week!  Well, not one short week.  Two days where we had conversations that went like this:

Husband:  Are you pregnant?

Me:  I don’t know, the line is super faint.

Hours later.

Husband:  The line was super faint, so you took 47 pregnancy tests?  Seriously.  They’re EVERYWHERE.

Me:  I don’t know, I wanted to double check.

The next morning.

Husband:  And why are you KEEPING them?  Why aren’t you throwing them away once you get the line?


I got a confirmation from Planned Parenthood, God bless ’em, since I couldn’t get in to see my OB/Gyn until Thursday, and have since been looking up all of the things I am not allowed to have/do/think about.  Also, I’ve found a picture of what the baby looks like right now:

We’re calling it Fetusaurus.


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