Well, it finally happened. After months of burying her face in the carpet and screaming like she was being murdered slowly with a rusty spoon, O finally figured out how to wedge a leg and an arm under her and flip herself over! I think. I’m pretty sure. I mean, I was sitting right there … Continue reading

Treading Water

So I haven’t really posted a lot lately, for a number of reasons. Reason #1: We have completely sleep-regressed. She was waking up once a night, and now it’s multiple times. I’m convinced she’s just fucking with us, and goes to daycare and sleeps all day for the Russian. This may be part of her … Continue reading

Baby Skills College (BSC)

We are thrilled to be offering some new elective courses for the spring semester.  See below for ways to expand your mind and your talents. Physical Education Supported Standing 101: Learn how to stiffen your legs so people are forced to help you stand up even if they would like to put you in a … Continue reading

Olivia at Three Months

Hello, sweet girl. At some point, you are going to ask me what you were like as a baby, and although I should have been doing posts like this from the beginning, it’s never too late to start. So here is what you are like at three months old, so I can tell you about … Continue reading

Step-by-Step Guide to a Clusterfunk

1. Leave work sick an hour early on a Friday the same week you start back from maternity leave. Tell your principal over and over again that you’re really sick, and you never get sick, but you just don’t think you can finish out the day. Think she secretly thinks you’re sneaking out early to … Continue reading

Pity Post

It’s an established fact in our house that I am not the puker. Husband went through a phase while we were dating where every time I was dressed up so we could go someplace fancy, he would get sick and end up puking somewhere. I am not the puker. Yesterday, though, I was. Which just … Continue reading

Weigh In Tuesday/Wednesday

As I’m trying to get fit and get back to healthy weight post-pregnancy, and post-job where all I did was drive and work, I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app and have started doing Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. As of just now, here are the things that have happened as a result of these two things. … Continue reading

Surviving Daycare

I promise I didn’t think this would turn into a blog about the kid.  Maybe it will morph into something else eventually, but right now, everything I do every day revolves around this small person and figuring out how not to piss her off so everyone can be happy.  It’s like a hostage situation, except … Continue reading